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Starter Advanced Pro
Starter Advanced Pro
Active Members 500 1,000 Unlimited
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Admin Area 1 1 1
1 Member Area (1 of each feature) check icon check icon check icon
Transaction Fee 0% 0% 0%
Training Courses Feature check icon check icon check icon
Auto or Manually Charge and
Lock/Unlock Videos
check icon check icon check icon
Live Streaming Private Webinars check icon check icon check icon
Shopify Store Integration check icon check icon check icon
YT Style Channel Feature check icon check icon check icon
FB Style Group News Feed check icon check icon check icon
PlatformMeeting Video Calls check icon check icon check icon
Virtual Coaching Quizzes and Survey check icon check icon check icon
Advanced Live Coaching 1-on-1 Chat check icon check icon check icon
Members Support Ticket Feature check icon check icon check icon
Members Support App Notifications check icon check icon check icon
CSV Members Migration check icon check icon check icon
Keep Your Existing Email CRM check icon check icon check icon
24/7 Support Chat check icon check icon check icon
Platform Support Docs check icon check icon check icon
No Platform Branding check icon check icon check icon
Censor-Free Private Server check icon check icon check icon

What's Included

get 100+ features out of the box with platform integrated pricing

Advanced Online Courses Shopify Store Integration
  • check icon One Login For Members
  • check icon Fully Branded Experience & Domain For Your Business
  • check icon Easily Add Features To Your Platform. Charge Users One-Time, Monthly, or Publish for free
  • check icon Sell Additional Courses Via One-Click Upsells
  • check icon Easy To Follow layout. Configure Into Modules and Lessons
  • check icon Lesson Quizzes
  • check icon Optionally Lock Videos Until Successive Videos Are Watched & Unlocked
  • check icon Drip Feed Progress
  • check icon Add Button Links, Images, and Downloadable Attachments To Each Video Lesson
  • check icon Customizable Completion Certificates
  • check icon Mobile Optimized
  • check icon Member Progress Tracked
  • check icon Watch Verification Pause In Video
  • check icon Connect Your Existing Shopify Store, and Display Products in Your Platform
  • check icon When Items Are Purchased In Your Platform, Orders Are Sent To Shopify for Fulfillment
  • check icon Add Your Storefront Banners
  • check icon Products Display Full Descriptions and Images of your Shopify Listings
  • check icon Sell Much More Of Your Physical Products Because Of The Continual Exposure To The Most Likely Customers Inside Your Platform
  • check icon Create Optional Different Collections & Create Different Store Fronts
  • check icon Sell Through Notifications and Dashboard
Youtube Style Channel Feature Facebook Group Newsfeed Feature
  • check icon Create Your Own Youtube Style Channel
  • check icon Upload Any Youtube Type Banner
  • check icon Schedule Video Content To Release On Specific Date
  • check icon Subscribers Can Like Your Videos
  • check icon Display Custom Thumbnails & Titles
  • check icon Give Your Youtube Subs A Backup Channel To See Your Content
  • check icon Easily Link Your Platform In Your Video Descriptions
  • check icon Add Multiple Channel Features To Your Platform & Upsell More Valuable Content
  • check icon Platform Is Equipped With A Facebook Style Newsfeed Feature To Add To Your Site
  • check icon Your Members & Fans A Voice. They Can Post, Like & Comment Adding To The Conversation
  • check icon Keep Your Members Updated & Give Them Another Reason To Keep Coming Back To Your Platform
  • check icon Present "The Feed" Feature To Your Followers For Free Or Charge For Access To The Feature
  • check icon Add Multiple Groups And Newsfeeds Within Your Platform. Have Them Hidden Or Display As Locked
  • check icon Add The Content That You Want To Your Newsfeed WITHOUT Having To Abide By Facebook Community Guidelines
  • check icon Engage To Keep Followers Coming Back...To Sell MORE
Support Tickets 1-on-1 Member Live Chat
  • check icon Provide Your Members With An Outlet To Get Support
  • check icon Keep Support Tickets Organized and Manage All Within Your Administration Control Center
  • check icon After Support Ticket Is Received. Mark them as Resolved or Unresolved
  • check icon Reply Back and Resolve The Ticket Right Inside Your Platform Without Any Other 3rd Party System
  • check icon Video Before Submitting Ticket Allows You The Option To Upload A Video With Instructions BEFORE A User Can Submit A Ticket
  • check icon Instant "New Comment" Update Notifications
  • check icon No Need To Overwhelm Email
  • check icon Feel Safe Knowing All Member Concerns Are Handled
  • check icon Turn On Live Chat Within Your Platform. To Speak In Real Time With Your Members Or Fans
  • check icon Designed Like Whatsapp Chat
  • check icon No Need For 3rd Party Software To Communicate With Members
  • check icon Send Quick Audio Messages
  • check icon Mark Messages As "Read OR Unread
  • check icon One Click Video Messages
  • check icon Transfer Files, Links, Images, Video Direct To Individual User
  • check icon Full Emoji Library
  • check icon Secure Messages Between YOU and YOUR LEADS
  • check icon Develop Relationships FAST and CLOSE Customers Of Other Products and Features. "People Buy From The Ones They Know, Like, and Trust"
  • check icon Broadcast Messages To All Members
  • check icon Intellegent Search Of Member Lists and Chat
Coaching Quizes FAQ Section
  • check icon Design Automated Coaching
  • check icon Deliver Custom Solutions Based On Your Member's Unique Situations
  • check icon Most Digital Products Offer Only A One-Size-Fits-All Program
  • check icon No Cookie Cutter Answers: As an Expert in Your Field or Niche. No One Knows The Options and/or Pitfalls Your Members Will Encounter Than You. Add Work Arounds To These Problems To Your Program
  • check icon Build An Unlimited Question & Answer Tree
  • check icon Provide Custom Videos For Specific Results
  • check icon Optimize Your Coaching Time Without Having To Provide 1-on-1 Sessions To Diagnose Issues
  • check icon Video or Text Frequently Asked Question Area In Support
  • check icon Easy To Follow Drop Down Menu
  • check icon Add External Links Or Buttons
  • check icon Remind Users Of Important Topics
  • check icon Save Yourself The Headache Of Answering Repeated Common Questions
  • check icon Efficient Way For Your Members To Find Answers
  • check icon Use As Barrier Before Submitting An Official Support Ticket
Accept Payments & Sell Never Be Demonetized Again. Platform Is A Private Server
  • check icon Connect Your Own Payment processor
  • check icon Use Platform Standard Checkout Page Or Link Your Own
  • check icon 0% Platform Transaction Fees. Keep All Your Profits
  • check icon Option To Charge Individually for each feature unlocked
  • check icon One-Click Charge users who you have on file
  • check icon Create & Ascend customers up your "Value Ladder" inside your Platform without the need to run them through an additional funnel
  • check icon Platform keeps your customers engaged so it's way easier to sell to them
  • check icon Keep Your Existing Payment Flow and Funnel.No Need To Move Your Entire Payment Funnel To Platform
  • check icon Your Info Will NEVER Be Sold Or Accessed By Any Form Of Government
  • check icon Most Of The Online Tools You Use Everyday Are Hosted On The Big Tech Cloud Because The Makers Of These Tools Are Too Cheap and Lazy To Develop Their Own Infrastructure. This Is Damaging because Big Tech Can Pull The Plug On Your Content and Business At Anytime
  • check icon Platform Has Built Its Own Infrastructure and Datacenters. Platform DOES NOT RUN ON AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, or On Any Other 3rd Party
  • check icon You Will Always Have A Home On Platform As Long As Your Subscription Is In Good Standing
  • check icon You've Worked Hard On Your Content & Accumulating Your Followers. NEVER GET CANCELLED
  • check icon Create An Official Homebase On The Internet For Your Online Income
  • check icon Say What You Want-When You Want, to your users. PERIOD
Competetive Advantage Over Niche Keep Your Existing Front-End Sales Funnel
  • check icon Steal Your Competitors Followers By Offering your fans something that is on the leading edge of marketing
  • check icon Best Way To Launch a New Product
  • check icon Engage Your Followers To Sell More Digital and Physical Products
  • check icon Create Multiple Income Streams From The Same List of Leads
  • check icon Faster Product Development Beyond On Social Media Posts
  • check icon No Need To Move Your Successful Autoresponder, Checkout or, Landing Pages. Chances Are, You Already Have Tools That Do This Well
  • check icon Platform Will Not Require You To Move To Our System To Do These Things
  • check icon Bolt Your Platform On To Your Existing Funnel Or Website, and Have An Amazing Product For Your Users To Utilize After They Purchase
  • check icon All-In-One Funnels and Websites Is Just Marketing. Its a Myth. Unfortunately, No One Is Good At Everything
  • check icon Most Website and Funnel Builders Only Give You A Quality Product On A Portion of their Service
  • check icon CSV Import Old Existing Members
  • check icon Charge More, Because You Can Offer More!
PlatformMeetings Video Coaching Calls Activity Log
  • check icon Live 1-on-1 Video Calls With Members
  • check icon Showcase a Professional Business By Conducting Video Calls On Your Own Domain/Website In Your Members Area
  • check icon No Need For Clunky Third Party Zoom Programs and Unbranded Links
  • check icon Coach Client With High Resolution Video Calls
  • check icon Paywall Off & Charge For Video Call Access
  • check icon Seamlessly Intergrated Into The Member Live Chat
  • check icon A "One Pane of Glass" To See All The Activity In Your Platform Membership Area
  • check icon Members Are Easily Identified In An Easy To Read Stream
  • check icon See Every Action Being Taken Within Your Platform In Real-Time
  • check icon Time Stamped Logs
  • check icon Search Members To See What They Are Currently Consuming
  • check icon Track The Progress Your Members
  • check icon Quickly Identify Bottlenecks In Your Platform
Member Profile Lock Features With Video Sales
  • check icon Member Can Create A Profile With Own User Name and Avatar
  • check icon Personal Members Account Increases Retainage of Membership
  • check icon Customized Billing
  • check icon Freely Change Password
  • check icon Platform Admin can Delete Users Easily
  • check icon Lock Profile Upon Member NOT Paying
  • check icon Custom Email Of Upcoming Billing
  • check icon Displays Name Inside Platform To Have A Form Of Identity
  • check icon Keep Your Features Unlocked and Available OR Opt To Lock Them Until Users Purchase A Feature
  • check icon Set Feature Price To One-Time Purchase OR Subscription
  • check icon Feature Lock Screen Will Display A Video For You To Upload (VSL) So You Can Explain The Feature and Sell It To Your Existing Members
  • check icon Add As Many Programs And Features Inside Your Platform As You Desire
  • check icon Features May Be Consistently Shown To Members Enticing Them To Purchase
Own Branding 24/7 Support
  • check icon Connect Your Own Domain or Sub-Domain
  • check icon Add Your Own Logos
  • check icon Your Users Won't Know You Are Using
  • check icon Platform Wont Watermark Or Brand Any Features
  • check icon Customize Platform Members Area Colors
  • check icon Multiple Navigation Options
  • check icon Link Login Page To Your Website
  • check icon Consolidate All Your Content in YOUR Platform
  • check icon Platform Has Your Back! We Will Make Sure We Get Any Questions You Have Answered
  • check icon We Will NOT Make You Wait Days For Answers To Questions
  • check icon Full Help Doc Section
  • check icon FAQ Section
  • check icon Full Tutorials For Any Feature Inside Platform
  • check icon Easy To Follow Directions
  • check icon Marketing Training Course To Help With Moving Followers To Your Platform
Notifications & Announcements Continual Updates
  • check icon Send Broadcast Messages To Members
  • check icon Sell Direct or Place Important Announcements Inside Members Dashboard
  • check icon "New" Icon When New Videos Are Uploaded To Courses
  • check icon Status Icons of Course Progress
  • check icon Support Ticket Response Notifications
  • check icon Support Ticket Response Notifications
  • check icon Be The First To Gain Access, and Get Grandfathered Into The Newest Feature Sets We Add.
  • check icon We Realize That Your Content On Social Media, Members Site, Etc...Is Not Just A Hobby. Its Your Business!
  • check icon We Want To Give You Every Opportunity To Monetize Your Community
  • check icon Get A Jump Start On Your Competitors, Who Get Left Behind, Because They Dont Have Their Own Platform
  • check iconThere is Always More Exciting Things On The Way
  • check icon Platform WILL NEVER BE OUTDATED